Flemish Giants

 of River Bard Rabbits

We love the Flemish Giant not only for their size, beauty and calm temperaments, but also for their intelligence and inquisitive personality.

We bought our first Flemish giants as pets, and then our children began showing their Flemishes in 4-H shows. As our interest and knowledge of the breed grew, thanks to the generous advice and guidance from some of New England's best breeders, we decided to start the slow and thoughtful process of establishing a breeding program focused on correct color, conformation, and improving the breed. In 2021, you will find us back at local and regional ARBA shows with some of our Flemish.

Any rabbits that may become available in the future, for pets, show or breeding, will be listed below. All homes will be carefully screened, as Flemish Giants have special requirements (and we love our bunnies!) We will not have many available, as we are not breeding for pets, but select breedings for show quality rabbits. Right now you can see a few of our favorites. We are currently breeding fawn, sandy and gray.

We also build custom Flemish Giant sized hutches in our farm's wood shop, as we had difficulty finding just the right housing for a giant rabbit breed. These are available on our Etsy store, CoopandHutch. 

**Sorry, we don't ever ship rabbits. This is much too stressful for them, and many won't survive a long journey**

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