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Icelandic Sheep

 The whole package: meat, wool and milk!

Our flock of registered Icelandics is helping us reclaim pasture along the Deerfield River, as well as providing us with unique 2-fiber wool and gourmet-quality lamb. We might try milking them if we could get them to stand still!

They are ideally suited for our climate, and the grassfed lambs are raised only on mother's milk and high quality pasture. 

We have lamb shares available, and a limited number of registed lambs for sale every spring. 

KFM 307A - Oswego


Color: Morrit Gray

Born: 4/9/13, twin
Sire: FAV RAM 01H6Z-[CAN]676571-H"Fergus"
Dam: KFM Moki 138W-[CAN]645213-H
Description: "Ozzie" is getting up in age, but she is a grand old dame who still leads the flock. She produced triplets for the first time this year, and is an excellent mother with a dominant personality and a fine fleece. She's the most intelligent of our sheep, and has excellent conformation.

Lambing Record:​ 2, 2, 2, 2, 3


KFM EWE B3H 481E - Snow


Color: White Baderface

Born: 4/6/17, single
Sire: BRH Lake B23SH 001Y-[CAN]703611
Dam: KFM Bluestem B5H 111U-[CAN]636029-H
Description: Named Snow for her thick white fleece, she is one of the tallest and longest Icies we have seen, with strong straight legs and great mothering abilities for a first-time dam. She delivered large twin ewes effortlessly and has raised them evenly. We will be retaining one ewe lamb for our herd.

Lambing record: 2


KFM EWE B24H 518F - Chloe


Color: Black-Gray Mouflon

Born: 4/4/18, twin
Sire: Trinity AI Ram B4H 719C "Kistu"
Dam: KFM Io B5SH 241Y
Description:This ewe has lovely soft and fine fleece that is almost a silver color. She is heavy on AI lines, including Grabotni, Gramann, and Blettur. Her first lamb has her unusual coloring as well, with golden tips to her wool. She is calm and quiet, and fairly easy to work with. She also has very nice conformation, though her mothering skills with her first lamb did not impress. 

Lambing Record: 1


AFB RAM B2SH 2G - Gabe


Color: Spotted Black Gray

Born: 5/1/19, triplet
Sire: BRH Lake B23SH 001Y
Dam: KFM 307A Oswego
Description: Gabe is certainly a keeper. He is a stocky ram who stands on strong legs and has the excellent confirmation of his dam, Oswego - the best overall ewe in our flock. Gabe has excellent muscling and is well balanced. He grew quickly even as a triplet, and is showing a thick fleece with fine texture and excellent parasite resistamce- everything we could ask for in a sire.


KFM 402D - Carmen


Color: Black Gray

Born: 4/2/16, twin
Sire: KFM 396C-[CAN 716362]
Dam: KFM M3H335B-[CAN]701061-H
Description: Carmen has a medium build and is a devoted mother. She raised two rams in 2019 which grew large and evenly. We are keeping one of them for breeding. She is timid but not difficult to work with, and has good parasite resistance. 

Lambing Record: 1,2


KFM EWE 01H 478E - Hirsch


Color: White

Born:  4/11/17, twin
Sire: Grnheart ram 01H CFM 34C
Dam: KFM 01H Butter 280A
Description: Hirsch was a Knoll Farm favorite, the last daughter of Butter, and we are luckly to have her. Stocky yet balanced, Hirsch has the heaviest yet softest fleece of all our ewes. She has excellent parasite resistance to boot, and is motherly toward the other ewes. She is best friends with Maya, whose mischieveousness has rubbed off on her.

Lambing record: ABT, 


Registration Pending - Gwen


Color: Spotted Black Gray

Born: 4/4/19, single
Sire: KFM M4H Kameli 544F
Dam: KFM Chloe
Description: Daughter of homozygous gray "Chloe" and Knoll Farm morrit ram "Kameli", Gwen was a bit of a surprise, and has a slightly higher inbreeding coefficient than we strive for. She has a lovely fine silver fleece like her grandmother, Oswego, and golden cream tones like her mother. She is growing well and has a compact build and a sweet disposition.


AFB RAM 01H 1G - Galvin​


Born: 4/4/19, twin
Sire: Kind Horn Ram 01H 906E "Ovid"
Dam: KFM 402 D "Carmen"
Description: Galvin is a bit of a brat, but makes up for it in his fast growth rate, solid stature, strong rump and shoulders, and good parasite resistance. Watch out - he bites!


KFM Maya B2H 445E ​


Color: Black Gray

Born: 3/29/17, twin
Dam: KFM B2H279A-[CAN]693751
Description: A real "wild child", this ewe is convinced she is still a lamb, playing and jumping with all the youngsters. She can leap a 4-foot fence in a single bound (whaaat?!), and is a real handful when it comes to shearing and hoof trimming. She has abundance fleece, is a good mother, and produced triplets on her first lambing. She exhibits some of the best parasite resistance in our flock.

Lambing Record: 3


KFM EWE B4H 501F - Constance


COLOR: Black Mouflon

Born: 3/29/18 , twin
Sire: Trinity AI Ram B4H 719C "Kitsu"
Dam: KFM Kate 434D
Description: Hands down, the sweetest sheep ever! She follows us around like a dog, and loves pets and scratches. She came to us pregnant with a surprise lamb, and even though she is a smaller ewe, lambed easily and without assistance. She is a devoted mother and cares for all the flock's lambs, even nursing another inattentive ewe's singleton. She has a beautiful soft black fleece, which makes up for in fine texture what it lacks in volume.

Lambing record: 1


AFB EWE 01H 3G - Emma

Color: white

Born: 4/4/19, twin
Sire: Kind Horn Ram 906E Ovid (see above)
Dam: KFM 481E - Snow
Description: Like her mother, Emma is tall and leggy, with a straight back and nice conformation. We will be retaining her, and hope she has inherited the good parasite resistance and easy birthing qualties of her dam.