Meet Our Animals​

Icelandic Sheep

We fell in love with this ancient and hardy breed of sheep, which are perfectly suited to graze along the banks of the Deerfield River. Lambs are never separated from their dams, and are grown on rich milk and lush pasture. The result? Happy animals raised in the sunshine and fresh air, taken to market after a lovely summer of freedom to produce a delicate gourmet meat. Sold as half and whole lamb shares. Registered breeding stock available. 

**Contact us for info on fall 2021 lamb shares**

**Spring 2021 lambs coming soon! Contact us for information or to get on our waitlsit for registered breeding stock**

GOS Pigs

SOME PIG. By no means ordinary, our Gloucestershire Old Spots are a heritage breed known for richly marbled and indulgently flavorful meat. They don’t grow as fast as your typical factory pig, but take their time enjoying freedom to roam, rooting in the dirt, and enjoying their piggy lives to the fullest. They are handled daily (they love belly rubs!), and are the friendliest of pigs. . .and in our opinion, the tastiest too!

Whole and half shares are available. You can decide the cut - sausages, bacon and smoked cuts available.

**REGISTERED GOS PIGLETS FOR SALE IN SPRING 2021** (waitlist fills up fast!)

LaMancha Goats

"What happened to their ears?”, you might ask. Don’t let them hear you say that! Our lovely LaManchas enjoy producing milk for our goat milk products, trying to escape through any fence we put up, and attending ADGA and 4-H shows throughout New England. Every year we have some wonderful registered kids available. Looking for breeding stock, a 4-H goat, or an addition to your home dairy? Just ask! We take advance reservations based on breedings.

You can click the button below to go to our "Lamanchas only" site, Steam Mill Farm, and see pedigrees, show records, pictures, and goats for sale. 


**Interested in GOATSCAPING? We still have openings starting in May**

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Flemish Giant Rabbits

These giants of the rabbit world make wonderful pets and are a great animal to get younger kids started in 4-H. Our kids have enjoyed showing them in 4-H over the past few years, and our 4-H Club, Hatfield's Homesteading Heroes, has brought these rabbits to many local events to share with others at local libraries and fairs. We raise for show and breed improvement, but occasionaly we have Flemish Giants for sale to approved pet homes.


Please be aware that Flemish Giants need extra large cages and space to stretch and exercise. It's important to learn about this breed before you decide a Flemish the right pet for you; they have special requirements due to their size. Please contact us for more information.

Chickens, Ducks and Geese!

Our 50-strong flock of chickens lay multi-color eggs, and we are working on lines that lay "spearmint" color eggs. We also raise Runner ducks of various colors and geese as companions to guard them. We currently have Black Chinese, White Chinese, African and Toulouse geese. Not only do they guard their duck friends, they also alert the chickens to any overhead dangers and do a great job keeping our front field weed-free. They provide endless entertainment and lay amazing eggs.  If you're looking for duck eggs for sale (which are excellent for baking), chances are we have extra. Your can pre-order from our farm store and your order will be labeled and waiting for pickup in the refrigerated egg stand in our farm driveway the next day. **The ducks are out of commission for the winter - laying scheduled for spring 2021!**

Our Covey of Coturnix Quail

These birds might be tiny, but they're amazing egg producers! We primarily raise the domestic Falb Fee Coturnix variety, and they produce diminutive but delicious eggs, perfect for hors d'oeuvres, pickled snacks, salads, or as staple ingredients in the best tapas and sushi menus. They are also great fried, and can be used any way that chicken eggs can be used, substituted 5:1.