Farming from the Heart

Farming might have skipped a generation in our family, but it's in our DNA. From the smoggy suburbs of LA, we heard the whispered beckon of rich earth and green pastures in the Connecticut River Valley. What started as a modern-day, return-to-roots homestead has expanded into pasture-based production with a focus on animal welfare and the highest quality heritage and grass-fed meat.


     Angela grew up in a small agricultural community in Michigan, with dairy farming on both sides of the family. Georg’s grandparents farmed in Germany, where he spent his summers growing up. We left California in 2013 to pursue innkeeping in Western Massachusetts, but it wasn’t long before we heard the call of our farming heritage. The rich soil, agricultural opportunities, and local support of farming in the Pioneer Valley quickly led us back to our farming roots.  

      We are proud to contribute to sustainable farming by raising pastured Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, registerd, grass-fed Icelandic sheep, free-range chickens and ducks, and coturnix quail on our farm along the Deerfield River.  We also maintain a herd of registered Lamancha dairy goats at our original farm, producing both dairy products and breeding stock. Our Flemish Giant rabbits are adored by all, and make the rounds to 4-H shows every summer. Gretel and Sable, our Drum horses, are our happy place and part of the family.

     Our nine children enjoy every moment on the farm: helping with chores, greeting new arrivals in the spring, learning and thriving in 4-H, and observing and participating in the rhythm of the seasons and life on the farm.

     We are proud to supply our inns in Greenfield and Hatfield with products we raise, and what we can’t produce, we buy locally whenever possible. If we aren’t inn keeping or farming, chances are you’ll find us seeking out local produce and products, which feature prominently in every breakfast we make for our guests. We are members of CISA, our local organization for community supported agriculture. 

You might find us waiting to get back to the farm at one of our inns:

Brandt House (Greenfield) and The Old Mill Inn (Hatfield) 

We'd love to hear from you!

  (farm visit by appointment only)

194 Lower Rd

Deerfield, MA 01342



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