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Update January 1, 2024
We start taking reservations for fall 2024 pork shares summer 2024 (Processing date early Dec. 2024)
Fill your freezer and inflation-proof meat prices!
2023 lamb share reservations SOLD OUT. We will have a limited number of lamb shares available for fall 2024.


Pastured Pork  /  Grassfed Lamb  /  Antibiotic-free  /  Hormone-free



1/2 or WHOLE SHARE: Your share will be processed in a USDA facility and  custom cut to your specifications. We'll deliver your order to you within a 30-mile radius of Deerfield, MA, or it will be available for pick-up from our farm.

INDIVIDUAL CUTS: If you want to purchase smaller amounts, try a particular cut, or buy a holiday roast or ham, then this is the way to go. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we can put together a custom order for you. **We have a limited supply of individual cuts, and sell out very quickly! If you don't see the cuts you're looking for, there may still be whole and half shares available.**

PORK OR LAMB PACK SPECIAL: We'll pack up an excellent assortment of quality cuts, a selection of our best meat. 



Not your grandmother's lamb. . .perhaps the mildest, most delicious lamb you'll ever taste. With a fine, delicate grain, grassfed Icelandic lamb is prized as a gourmet meat by chefs the world over. Grown on dam's milk and pasture only (no grain, ever), and free from artificial growth hormones and antibiotics, our lamb is as healthy as it is tasty. 


Our Gloucestershire Old Spots and Large Black Hogs produce succulent, flavorful pork that has a rich dark color and generous marbling of sweet fat throughout. They produce moist, tender roasts and chops with incomparable flavor. Our pork is raised naturally and free-range on pasture and woodland, without artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, or feed that contains animal by-products. ​Buying pork that comes from these heritage breeds, which are on the Livestock Conservancy's list as threatened and critical, helps ensure the survival of these special pigs.

Pork - Individual Cuts and Pork Pack Samplers (see below)
We're sorry, but individual cuts have sold out as of December 2023!
We still have a few whole and half hog shares available.


Center Cut Loin Chops - $11.00 / lb. - SOLD OUT

Boston Butt Chops - $10.20 / lb. - SOLD OUT


Ribs - $9.30 / lb. - - SOLD OUT


Boston Butt Roast - $9.30 / lb. - SOLD OUT

Loin Roast - $11.00 / lb. - - SOLD OUT

Whole Fresh Shoulder Roast - $9.30 / lb. - SOLD OUT


Whole Fresh Boneless Ham - $11.00 / lb. - SOLD OUT

1/2 Smoked Ham, Bone-in, Sliced - $11.50/lb - SOLD OUT


Ground Pork - $7.60 / lb. - SOLD OUT


Smoked Bacon, Thick-slice - $12.75 / lb. - SOLD OUT

Breakfast Sausage, Bulk - $10.20 / lb. - SOLD OUT

Sweet Italian Sausage Links - $11.00 / lb. - SOLD OUT


Smoked Shoulder - $10.60 / lb. - SOLD OUT

Fat Back/Leaf Lard - $4.25 / lb. - SOLD OUT

Lamb - Individual Cuts


Leg of Lamb (bone-in) - $16.90/lb. - SOLD OUT

Leg of Lamb Roast (boneless) - $18.15 / lb.- SOLD OUT



Boneless Shoulder Roast- $15.65 / lb.- SOLD OUT

Loin roast - $17.65 / lb.


RACK OF LAMB - $20.50/lb - SOLD OUT


Loin Chops - $20.50 / lb.- SOLD OUT

Rib Chops - $18.15 / lb. - SOLD OUT

Shoulder Chops - $15.15 / lb. - SOLD OUT

SHANKS - $12.15 / lb - SOLD OUT


KABOBS - $15.65 / lb.- SOLD OUT

STEW MEAT - $14.65 / lb. - SOLD OUT


GROUND LAMB - $12.90 / lb. - SOLD OUT


Links - $15.40 / lb.- SOLD OUT

Bulk - $13.40 / lb.- SOLD OUT

RIBLETS - $9.15 / lb.- SOLD OUT

LAMB BONES - $3.75 / lb.- SOLD OUT

LIVER - $7.00 / lb. - SOLD OUT

KIDNEYS - $6.20 / lb. - SOLD OUT

HEART OR TONGUE - $5.00 / lb. - SOLD OUT

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