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Large Black Hogs

Update 1/22/23:  We still have some Large Black and  GOS/LBH cross feeder piglets available! They combine the best qualities of both breeds, and have a great start already (born Sept. 2022)

Now taking reservations for our expected spring 2023 litters!

Helping Save an Endangered Heritage Breed!

We're thrilled to add this rare breed of British pig to our farm! The Large Black is a critically endngered breed of heritage pig, and we have selected excellent foundation breeding stock to help preserve and improve the breed.

Like our Gloucestershire Old Spots, Large Blacks are excellent foragers with exceptional mothering skills, making them ideally suited for raising their litters on pasture.

Their meat is succulent and richly marbled, producing tender, moist cuts with incomparable flavor.

We are members of the Large Black Hog Association, and sell breeding stock as well as feeder piglets. Please contact us early to reserve!

We also occasionally have GOS/LBH crosses, which some argue produce pork that surpasses the quality of either breed alone. Plus, they don't come cuter than black pigs with white socks and pink noses!


Lage Black Piglets Born 9-15-22 and 9/25/22

A few feeders are still available!



Large Black x GOS cross piglets born 9/26/22

A few still available!



Greener Days Defender 28/1 9596

Not for sale

2021 Boar

Description: Sirius is a goofy, friendly boar with a curious and outgoing personality. He follows us around, walking right alongside us, hoping for extra ear scratches or an opportuntity to squeak his nose against your rubber boot. He's super easy to handle, and we love his laid-back personality. He sired his first two lovely litters of little Large Blacks in September 2022.


Greener Days Prudence 27/9 9597

Not for sale

2021 Gilt

Description: A lovely, long and well muscled gilt, Pickles is goofy and an excellent forager, often found in the far reaches of our silvopasture searching for nuts the other pigs might have missed. She farrowed for the first time in September 2022, producing a large healthy litter.


Greener Days Warbler 25/3 9598

Not for sale

2021 Gilt

Description: Always the first to meet us at the gate, Poptart's the boss lady in our LBH herd. She's calm but strong-willed, and loves to play with her GOS bestie, "Betsy". She produced some beautiful piglets for us in September 2022.

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