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Looking for the BEST goat hoof trimmer? The ARS 140DXR makes trimming tough hooves a breeze!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

I rarely review anything, but my family is sick of hearing about how AMAZING this hoof trimmer is, and I'm not done talking about it, so I'm taking my ranting elsewhere (here). I won't say this tool is life-changing, but if we had any more feet to trim, it would qualify. Picture a 275-lb. Boer goat buck, in rut, trying to either make out with or head-butt anything that moves. Now ask him nicely to let you give him a pedicure. The extra 10 minutes these trimmers trimmed off Max's hoof care session saved our backs, and let us get it done and GET OUT before we used up his patience. He really is a lovely buck, but he'll only put up with so much. If you have male goats, you know this. You also know their hooves are extra thick. We usually have blisters on our palms after a trimming session, and have even resorted to tin snips and horse hoof nippers. These trimmers are super-sharp, keep their edge, and are serrated, so they don't slip back as you cut. My daughter has tiny (but freakishly strong) hands, and she was able to comfortably hold these trimmers and cut through Max's hooves like butter.These trimmers are 2-3 times more expensive than other brands, but I'd pay even more to make this routine job less of a hassle. Why didn't anybody tell me about these trimmers when I was new to goat ownership? It's downright cruel not to share. I even bought a $300+ electric hoof knife, which sits collecting dust because it just doesn't work. My advice to new goat owners out there. . .buy these!

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