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1/2 Icelandic Grass-Fed Lamb Share
  • A gourmet meat from a heritage breed, free-range, grass-fed Icelandic lamb is fine grained, lean and mild tasting, prized by chefs for its delicate flavor.


    Our lambs are raised by their dams on pasture with rich milk and lush grass without grain, antibiotics or hormones. 


    Whole and half lamb shares typically are ready in the fall (late Oct./early Nov.). With a half lamb share, you'll get a great assortment of cuts including shoulder, rib and loin chops, stew/kebab meat, shank and ground lamb. You'll get at least 12 lbs of meat with a half lamb share, but we cannot guarantee exact cuts. If you'd like to special order your cuts, please consider a whole lamb share. 


    1/2 Icelandic Grass-Fed Lamb Share

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    • Freezer space: You'll need about one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 lbs. of meat (about the capacity of one milk crate). One lamb will take up about 1 cubic feet of freezer space, and should take up about half the freezer compartment of a standard refrigerator.

    • We don't ship, but are happy to deliver within a 30-mile radius of Deerfield, or you can make arrangements to pick it up at our farm.  All lamb is delivered vacuum sealed and frozen.

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