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Whole Gloucestershire Old Spot Pastured Pork Share

Our heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs are naturally raised on pasture with no growth hormones or antibiotics. They take longer to mature, but you'll taste the difference. The meat is richly marbled and tender, with amazing depth of flavor.  


Cost is $6.75/lb hanging, or "dressed" weight, and all dressing and processing fees, including vacuum sealed packaging, is included in this price. Price is approximate (usually totalling $1100-$1500), and is finalized at delivery depending on the weight of the individual pig. This can vary significantly based on the growing season. Hanging weight is typically between 200 - 275 lbs. 


Your hog will be cut to your specifications, vacuum packed, labeled, weighed and frozen. Smoking of select cuts, including hams and bacon, is available for an additional charge.  (See additional information below).

Whole Gloucestershire Old Spot Pastured Pork Share

  • Hanging weight vs. yield: Most of our hogs on the hoof are around 250-275 lbs, and dress out around 200 lbs. The final weight of your take-home cuts will depend on what you select. It will be less if you choose mostly boneless cuts. Here's some great information about the weight of hog on the hoof translates into retail cuts:

    Freezer space: Check your freezer capacity! Most freezer-on-top refrigerators hold 3-5 cubic feet, and you'll need one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 lbs of meat.  Half a hog might take up the entire freezer compartment of a standard upright fridge/freezer, and a chest freezer is probably best for a whole hog, as you'll need at least 6 cubic feet of freezer space.  

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