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Whole Grass-Fed Icelandic Lamb
  • A gourmet meat from a heritage breed, free-range, grass-fed Icelandic lamb is fine grained, lean and mild tasting, prized by chefs for its delicate flavor.


    Our lambs are raised by their dams on pasture with rich milk and lush grass without grain, antibiotics or hormones. 


    Whole and half lamb shares typically are ready in the fall (mid-late October). If you want a whole lamb, you can decide the cuts (more chops than roasts? Stew meat, kabob, or ground?)  Your lamb will be cut to your specifications, vacuum packed, labeled, weighed and frozen.


    Our Iambs average around 35-40 lbs. hanging weight, and this is how we price whole lambs. We charge $8.00/lb hanging weight, plus a processing charge of $95/lamb.  Yield of meat is about 60% of the hanging weight, so an average lamb will give you about 20-25 lbs. of meat to take home. This amount will be less if you choose mostly ground or boneless cuts. 


    Price is an estimate. Final price will be based on actual hanging weight of the individual lamb. Weight cannot be guaranteed, and depends on factors such as when the lamb was born and as well as weather, forage growth, etc.

    Whole Grass-Fed Icelandic Lamb

    • Exact price will depend on hanging weight of individual lamb and will be adjusted after processing.

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